The Life of Suneel Galgotia

The Life of Suneel Galgotia

Born in a family that was deeply involved with books since the 1930’s, Suneel Galgotia has come a long way. The founder of the world-famous and one of the best private universities called the Galgotias University, Suneel Galgotia and Dhruv Galgotia worked with sheer diligence to get the university where it is today.

Mr. Galgotia is also the Chancellor of Galgotias University. He strongly believes that the students need to work hard, smart and with pure spirituality. The university shapes students into being great employees by not only developing their technical skills but also their soft skills. Their main concern was the communication skills of the students.

In this fast growing world, good communication skills are very important to possess. Thus, the University ensures the development of each student’s soft skills, making them great employees and employers in the future. All of this has been possible only due to the values possessed by Suneel and Dhruv Galgotia and of course, the efforts that they have put in to create this private university that’s competing with universities worldwide. Here’s a look at the life history of a man who built an empire that has not only helped the students but also the employers:

1. Family History:

Suneel Galgotia was born in a family that had a great love for books. They owned a small retail bookstore in Connaught Place, New Delhi in the 1930’s. This outlet was under the marquee of E.D. Galgotia and Sons. When you are surrounded by books, you tend to read a lot and so did Galgotia. You can see how learned he is when he talks about nothing but confidence and his beliefs and morals.

2. Education:

He got his primary and secondary education from St. Columba’s School, New Delhi which was founded in 1941. His college education, however, was from Shri Ram College of Commerce. He worked hard throughout his college with mere rupees five hundred in his pocket.

3. Career:

Starting out as an entrepreneur, Suneel Galgotia has outpaced most. His career kick-started in the early 1980s when he began tracking down serious entrepreneurship with a publishing venture. With the fast changing technology scenario, he progressively used the Nascent Computer boom with first, Indian authors and then with foreign authors and publishers. Mr Galgotia leapt into the education industry when he founded the Galgotias Institute of Management & Technology (GIMT) in 2000.

At the time, the university had only forty students which has now come a long, long way. GIMT students give us great stories of their lives at the campus and talk affirmatively of Suneel Galgotia as a great mentor and chancellor. The Galgotias Educational Institutions have had two more spectacular additions to their educational institutions, Galgotias College of Engineering and Technology (GCET) and Galgotias Business School (GBS). Today, GCET has over four thousand five hundred students alone.

A businessman, a mentor to a lot of students and a man of few words, Suneel Galgotia is the person that made it possible for Indian private universities to compete worldwide without having to disappoint anybody.