How education is being reinvented in India

How education is being reinvented in India

India Today - 05-Jul-2019

"The academic jump into learning new tech skills that are in line with industry 4.0 concepts is essential," says Suneel Galgotia, Chancellor, Galgotias University

With the advent of technology in India, Experiential Learning has become the new trend in educational institutes and will play an important role in the learning curve of the generations to come. It is also said to have bridged the generation gap between educators and students, and has opened new avenues for students all over the country. Smart classrooms are the next thing in the list that makes education worth its while for students. A modernized method of teaching that involves interactive whiteboards, specialized software, and audience response technology, smart classrooms help students develop an enhanced understanding of complex concepts, improve communication skills and make learning enjoyable, among other things. If you add to this mix, high tech labs with the latest that there is in the industry, and design a curriculum with the help of industry experts that will actually be beneficial for students out in the real world, oh well, every student would look forward to their next class and the process of learning would be truly enriching and delightful.

One such institute that has included all this and much more in their curriculum is Galgotias University (GU), the university that considers curriculum the nucleus of its existence. This prestigious temple of learning that is spread across 52 acres, boasts of classrooms that have a digitized teaching process, uses digital text books, and also has a web-based assessment system. It also has high-tech labs and activity centers that, by international standards, are one of the best in the world. The learning model that GU implements uses tools such as role plays, case studies, simulations, and industry visits to provide student with both, a strong theoretical foundation as well as the ability and the knowledge to apply them in various contexts. Under the Choice Based Credit System, students are given the freedom to choose the specific subjects that they are most interested in, across disciplines. For example, an engineering student can opt for a course in humanities, economics or can pursue a course in dance, or acting as well! This ensures that students can pursue their own primary and secondary academic interests. Not just this, GU has formed strategic partnerships with some of the top universities from around the world who assist in creating an international standard educational experience for the students. GU’s courses prepare students to be lifelong learners, and helps develop their analytical and leadership skills.

Suneel Galgotia, Chancellor, Galgotias University, says, What is essential is the academic jump into learning new tech skills that are in line with industry 4.0 concepts. At Galgotias, we have mandated that the curriculum is relooked at by all schools tech courses that include artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, crypto currency, data mining, business analytics and robotics are also offered.

Ever since it came into existence in 2011, Galgotias University has enriched the lives of thousands of students and has established itself as an institution of the future and a leader in the field of education.