A Pathmaker In Publishing, Retailing, Hospitality And Education

A Pathmaker In Publishing, Retailing, Hospitality And Education

India Today - 31-Jul-2019

Inspired by the Prime Ministers vision for India’s development as a knowledge-acquiring as well as a learning society, Mr. Suneel Galgotia feels that imparting quality education at affordable costs is an important input for both the growth of the society as well as the individual.

Mr. Suneel Galgotia, an educationist, philanthropist and humanitarian was born in New Delhi and completed his education from SRCC, Delhi University. He went on to establish, grow and diversify his family business of retailing, publishing and hospitality to global level. He is now the founder chancellor of one of India’s largest and most sought after universities. The unmatched growth of Galgotias University is a culmination of delivering new technology courses, globally benchmarked hi-tech campuses, world-class faculty comprising thought leaders and practicing professionals, innovative technology based teaching methodology and an unparalleled corporate interaction.

Your Big Moments

There have been several moments which I have cherished in my journey of creating a university of global standards. One of our big moments was when Hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Modi ji gave Galgotias University an award for academic excellence. I firmly believe in our Prime Minister’s vision which says knowledge and education are not restricted to books. The purpose of education is to enable balanced growth of every dimension of a human being, which is not possible without innovation.

What Inspired You To Become An Educationist?

I saw a big gap in the higher education sector where there were a growing number of educational institutions, but the quality of education was completely missing. I wanted to establish a university that’s a place of cutting edge learning and research, and one that ensured that the best quality of education is delivered to the youth of this nation by offering them a world class curriculum, latest industry ready courses with placement tie-ups, and bringing together the best faculty minds from across the world.

We were also prompted by the Prime Ministers vision for India’s development as a knowledge-acquiring as well as a learning society, and we feel that imparting quality education at affordable costs is an important input for both the growth of the society as well as the individual.

Fortune Seed: Making Best Professionals For The Future

Properly imparting quality education and skill development in students contributes to increase in the national gross product, brings about cultural richness, builds positive attitude towards use of technology, and increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the governance. Education opens new horizons for an individual, provides new aspirations, and develops new values. It strengthens competencies and develops commitment. Education - using today’s cutting edge platforms - generates in an individual a critical outlook on social and political realities and sharpens the ability to self-examine, self-monitor and self-criticize, which is very important for today’s generation. The future agenda for education will be to empower individuals, assure high quality of life and pave way to a learning society. The new system of education has to be rooted in culture and committed to progress.

Uplifting Lives: Tips For Aspiring Students

My only tip for aspiring students is - You can be the best and you can be anything you want to be in future. The time to make it happen starts now! So stay the course and be focused. I firmly believe that there is no substitute for hard work. Every student must stay focused on the end goal and work towards achieving it in-spite of distractions, diversions and roadblocks which may come in the way for each of them.

Charismatic and an out-of-the-box thinker, Dhruv Galgotia is spearheading the transformation of Galgotias University as an Institute of Excellence. The youngest CEO of any Indian University, Dhruv has been honored by national and international luminaries for his innovative global education system.

Dream Plan

With a knack for projecting pragmatism with idealism into work-life decisions, Dhruv has fast-tracked the growth trajectory at Galgotias. Committed to international education in India, his focus is on creating a collaborative global education system for greater impetus to academic excellence at Galgotias University. He also aims at providing a technology-based learning environment to the students so their interest is built in the subjects.

Technology Based Learning

Dhruv Galgotia has always believed in the use of technology as an enabler to ensure learning is maximised and stays effective. Using artificial intelligence, augmented reality and IOT in education can amplify and enable learning abilities of students and make the classroom an interesting and effective space for them.

Galgotias University is one of the first in India to use technology to enhance teaching and learning abilities.

Holistic Development

Blessed with the energy of logic, Dhruv is a firm believer in continuous research and innovation to identify and execute newer ways for real value addition to students’ growth. Today, Galgotias University can proudly boast of many clubs like culture, fine arts, dance, recreation, sports, etc. making the university a hub of academic and human excellence.


I have the vision of making our university one of the Institutions of Eminence’ which will not only raise the quality of education in Indian universities, but will also contribute towards making the country a shining example in the international world of education. India is a young country that is hungry for the best quality education. I aim to fill that space and provide opportunities for fulfilling all aspirations to access quality and affordable living.

Success Mantra

My success mantra is to dream big and focus on achieving that dream. I feel it is also a mixture of hard work, perseverance, destiny and blessings from the almighty. To fill this gap and follow our quest of providing quality education, we established our institution with a vision to provide our students with education and skills that are comparable to the best universities of the world. So, my ultimate desire is to achieve that goal and contribute to our nation. It gives me great pleasure to see our students securing good jobs in national and international companies. Their excellent performance is a source of pride for Galgotias.

It is true that with trends taking a shift, women are ruling the world as top leaders. They are not only excelling in all the fields they step into, they are bringing revolutionary changes in those fields with their innovative ideas. They are the change-makers in today’s world. One such change-maker is Ms. Aradhana Galgotia, 26, a lawyer by profession and an educationist at heart. A joyful and vivacious woman, she is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence at work and any responsibility she takes on. She runs by the motto of imbibing values before imparting them in her life.

She studied Political Science from Jesus and Mary College. Later, she graduated in LLB Law from Amity Law School, Noida. With her interest in gaining ample knowledge, she went to Queen Mary University of London to pursue LLM in Intellectual Property Rights.

Driving Force

Gaining exposure to international education, she realized that theoretical knowledge is not enough to survive in the industry. She felt that Indian education needs to be transformed to a more holistic teaching as well as learning system. She was so inspired with the international education system that she decided to transform the education system here from theory-based to practice-based learning. Aradhana is keen to ensure the enriched ambience at the Galgotias University.

Committed To Social Upliftment

A realist with a speculative mind, Aradhana is committed to the cause of social upliftment, especially of women from broken homes. She is extremely keen on providing them access to quality education, counseling, and an environment of healthy living and healthy learning at Galgotias. She believes that every woman must get quality education and succeed in her life just like she has.

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