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We all dream to achieve our goals but only few succeed

Galgotias University - School of Computing Science and Engineering

Galgotias University is located in a sprawling lush green campus in Greater Noida, UP. The campus is fully air-conditioned and has round-the-clock, Wi-Fi connectivity. Classrooms are designed keeping the learning needs of students in mind. A plush auditorium and seminar hall provides students the space to conduct academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities within the premises.

Galgotias University provides a wide array of schools for the students to explore their interests. Amongst the School of Computing Science and Engineering, the university provides specialization in computer networks & cyber security, data analytics, cloud computing & virtualization, business analytics & optimization, artificial intelligence & machine learning, augmented reality & virtual reality, the Internet of Things, blockchain technology, cyber security and digital forensics.

Suneel Galgotia, a visionary entrepreneur began his career path with a humble amount of Rs. 500 to secure an enviable position of a multi-millionaire educationist. His passion for learning and business acumen won him many laurels across the globe. His vision for education led to the formation of Galgotias University in Greater Noida. With 52 Acres of learning environment, 100+ distinguished faculty from top institutions, 180+ labs to explore, 1400-Seater on-campus hostel that feels like home, 140+ top corporates visiting campus for recruitments, Galgotias has become one of the top ranked institutes in Engineering, Management & Law. With approximately 15,000 students enrolled, Galgotias offers scholarships up to 100% for meritorious students. Students are also placed in Fortune 500 companies, MNCs & leading corporate at the end of their academic session.

Suneel Galgotia, the Chancellor of Galgotias University illuminates on the spirit of their students; “Galgotias University develops graduates who are successful in their chosen career paths, demonstrate the attitudes, abilities, and personal leadership to effectively adapt to changing global society while maintaining and promoting the highest engineering, professional, and ethical standards. There have been several moments which I have cherished in my journey to creating a university of global standards. One of our big moments was when Hon’ble Shri Narendra Modi ji gave Galgotias university an award for academic excellence.” Chancellor Suneel Galgotia firmly believes in Our Prime ministers’ vision which says ‘Knowledge and education are not restricted to books. The purpose of education is to enable balanced growth of every dimension of a human being, which is not possible without innovation.’ Properly imparting quality education and skill development in students can contribute to increase in the national gross product, brings about cultural richness, builds positive attitude towards the use of technology, increases efficiency and effectiveness of the governance. Education opens new horizons for an individual, provides new aspirations and develops new values. It strengthens competencies and develops commitment. Implementing education upon today's cutting edge principles generates in an individual a critical outlook on social and political sensibilities and sharpens the ability to self-examination, self-monitoring, and self-criticism which is very crucial for today’s generation.

The biggest motivation for Galgotias University is the satisfaction of their students when they excel and lead in their field of work after graduating from Galgotias. The success of their students determines their success as a university and they are proud of their strong alumni who are working across the world in some of the leading companies of the world. In the foreseen future Galgotias University aims to empower individuals, assure high quality of life and pave the way to learning society. The new system of education has to be rooted to culture and committed to progress. “Our endeavour is to ensure higher education’s rightful place as a key driver of national growth and to place the Indian education system at the pinnacle alongside some of the well-known institutes across the world” says Suneel Galgotia.

Hillary Clinton

Mr. Suneel Galgotia, Chancellor, and Mrs. Padmini Galgotia, Pro-Chancellor Galgotias university met secretary Clinton in Mumbai.

Secretary Clinton truly believes that technical education in India is amongst the best in the world. "You can look at the very best in Indian education, and it's the best in the world. You can look at the technical education and it is to be envied. It is so effective," said Secretary Clinton. Hillary Rodham Clinton has served as secretary of state, senator from New York and the first lady of the United States of America.