Chart a new career course with Liberal Arts at Galgotias University

Chart a new career course with Liberal Arts at Galgotias University

Hindustan Times - 25-Jun-2019

The School of Liberal Arts encourages development of interdisciplinary, multicultural, and a liberal outlook among students.

Studying Liberal Arts lays the foundation for a multitude of career options, preparing students to take their place as a global citizen. The discipline is crucial to understand how societies function in local and global context and learn about the forces and events shaping the world.

The School of Liberal Arts (SLA), a flagship of Galgotias University, has over the years, established itself as an institution of repute and a Centre of Excellence. The University has been awarded five out of five stars in the internationally recognised QS rankings.

“In modern times, individuals need to also have Thinking Quotient (TQ) and not just Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Realising this at a very early stage, the University incorporated advanced teaching and research methodologies at the SLA that impart these crucial skills to its students.

Students do not just learn established theories but also learn to think and develop new ideas. The contribution of the University have been recognised and felicitated by various national and international governmental bodies,” said Suneel Galgotia, Chancellor of the University.

Renowned academicians and illustrious minds from around the world share their extensive experience in research and teaching with students at the SLA.

The School has six departments - Economics, English, Foreign Languages, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology. It offers a range of programmes through its departments, offering students undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees in their areas of specialisation.

A degree in Applied Psychology trains students to be reflective, competent and attuned to effective research, essential for a career in Psychology. The Economics programme deals with the study and application of economic theories and decision-making. It provides an in-depth understanding of the fundamental tools of economic analysis and their application to real life situations. A degree in English deals with the study of literature in English (and other languages) from across the world. The English programme also has courses in language and linguistics. The Political Science programme deals with the theory and practice of politics and the analysis of political systems and behaviour. It enables students to gain vital insights into the working of different governments/political systems and that of the interface between government, NGOs, local institutions, civil society and various international events. The Sociology programme gives students a broad perspective of the behaviour of social groups with diverse backgrounds of culture, language, custom, religion and economic status.

Sharing further about the School of Liberal Arts, Dhruv Galgotia, CEO, Galgotias University said, “The focus of SLA is to impart an outcome-based education in a student-friendly environment. Activities, projects and research are used as learning mechanisms to accomplish this task. Students are encouraged to learn through field visits and hands-on experience from real-life situations. Regular seminars, conferences, round tables, panel discussions, guest lectures are organised to introduce students to the path-breaking ideas in their fields.”

The University has tied up with leading international publication houses like McGraw Hill to provide reading material and e-books through its Connect and Connect-2 platforms. Students can also enrol for the intensive MOOCs for an enhanced learning experience. Classroom lectures are video-recorded and uploaded online for students who are not able to attend any of their lectures. Every student is assigned a mentor, who helps them with their studies, in selecting courses, in understanding various career options, in identifying and applying for various scholarships and charting future career plans.

SLA has state-of-the-art laboratories that provide its students with extensive hands-on training. It also has a Department of Foreign Languages that teaches French, German and Japanese. Several national and international universities have signed MoUs with the University for student-exchange programmes. It has its own specialised departmental library in addition to the well-stocked central library.

Galgotias University is located in a sprawling lush green campus in Greater Noida, UP. The campus is fully air-conditioned and has round-the-clock, Wi-Fi connectivity. Classrooms are designed keeping the learning needs of students in mind. A plush auditorium and seminar hall provides students the space to conduct academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities within the premises.

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