A Pathmaker in Publishing, Retailing , Hospitality and Education

A Pathmaker in Publishing, Retailing , Hospitality and Education

Extracts from interview in the India today Magazine :

1. Bright Bulbs: About Yourself –

Mr Suneel Galgotia, an educationist , philanthropist and a humanitarian was born in New Delhi and completed his education from SRCC, Delhi university.He went on to establish ,grow and diversify his family business of retailing, publishing and hospitality to a global level. He now is the founder Chancellor of one of India’s largest and most sought after university. This unmatched growth of Galgotias university is a culmination of delivering new technology courses, globally benchmarked hi-tech campuses, world class faculty comprising of thought leaders and practicing professionals, innovative technology based teaching methodology and an unparalleled corporate interaction.

2. Best For You: Your Big Moments

There have been several moments which I have cherished in my journey to creating a university of global standards.One of our big moments was when Hon’ble Shri Narendra Modi ji gave Galgotias university an award for academic excellence. Chancellor Suneel Galgotia firmly believes in Our Prime ministers vision which says Knowledge and education are not restricted to books. The purpose of education is to enable balanced growth of every dimension of a human being, which is not possible without innovation.”

3. Dream Plan: What Inspired You To Become An Educationist

Mr Suneel Galgotia saw a big gap in the higher education sector where there was a growing quantity of educational institutions but the Quality of education was completely missing. He wanted to establish a university as a place of cutting edge learning, research and ensured that quality of education is delivered to the youth of this nation by offering them a world class curriculum, latest industry ready courses with placement Tieups and bringing together the best faculty minds from across the world.

Mr Suneel Galgotia is also prompted by the Prine Ministers vision for India’s developement as a knowledge aswell as a learning society and feels that imparting quality education at affordable costs is an important input both for the growth of the society as well as for the individual.

4. Fortune Seed: Making Best Professionals For The Future

Properly imparting quality education and skill development in students can contribute to increase in the national gross product, brings about cultural richness, builds positive attitude towards use of technology, increases efficiency and effectiveness of the governance. Education opens new horizons for an individual, provides new aspirations and develops new values. It strengthens competencies and develops commitment. Education using todays cutting edge platforms generates in an individual a critical outlook on social and political realities and sharpens the ability to self-examination, self-monitoring and self-criticism which is very important for today’s generation.The future agenda for education will be to empower individuals, assure high quality of life and pave way to learning society. The new system of education has to be rooted to culture and committed to progress.

5. Uplifting Lives : Tips For Aspiring Students

My only tip to aspiring students is that “You can be the best and be anything you want to be in future. The time to make it happen starts now! So Stay the course and be focused”. I firmly believe that there is no substitute for hard work and every student must stay focussed on the end goal and work towards achieving it in-spite of distractions, diversions and roadblocks which may come in the way for each of them.

Source: dhruvgalgotiablogs.wordpress.com